garden maintenance

Why Regular Garden Maintenance Makes Sense


If you have a commercial business or handle a residential property, there are quite a few advantages in hiring the services of an experienced garden maintenance team.

Taking care of unwanted landscaping debris while maintaining the looks of the outdoor space, thus increasing its visual appeal for residents, clients, and employees is just one of them.

First impressions count

Creating a good first impression is essential for any business. The exterior of your premises is the first thing a potential client sees, and that can translate into a positive or negative feeling depending if it’s well kept or not.

Safety hazards

Neglecting the exterior of your commercial property can uncover a multitude of potential safety hazards, increasing the likelihood of slip, trip and fall accidents to occur and consequent expensive personal injury claims to be filed against you.

Also, where there is nature, there will be animal life. While in some cases this is good thing, like bees pollinating the flowers, badly maintained green spaces can attract mice and other unwanted pests.

Regular garden maintenance services are essential in keeping your property looking safe and tidy year-round.

We at Grasshopperservices provide bespoke garden maintenance services, always keeping your retail business firmly in mind.