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Transform Your Landscape with Ireland’s Premier Stump Removal Experts

At Grasshopper Services, we understand that tree stumps can be more than just an eyesore—they can also interfere with new plantings, pose tripping hazards, and become a haven for pests. 

That’s why we offer professional stump grinding services to residential and commercial customers in Dublin and beyond. Our services are designed to restore the beauty and functionality of your garden and outdoor spaces. Most importantly, we are fully-insured for all garden maintenance work in your area.

Why Choose Grasshopper Services for Stump Grinding?

Local Expertise: As a proud Irish company with decades of experience in garden maintenance, tree surgery and more, we bring a deep understanding of Ireland’s unique landscapes and gardening needs to every job. No matter the job, we have the knowledge and experience to tackle your stump-grinding challenges.

State-of-the-Art Equipment: Our team uses the latest stump grinding technology to efficiently and effectively remove tree stumps of any size. With minimal disruption to your property and surrounding vegetation, we leave your garden clean and ready for whatever you plan next.

Eco-Friendly Solutions: We’re committed to the environment and use sustainable practices to minimize our carbon footprint. The wood chips produced during the stump grinding process can be reused as mulch for your garden, enriching your soil and promoting healthy plant growth.

Safety First: Your safety and the safety of our team are our top priorities. We adhere to the highest safety standards and are fully insured, giving you peace of mind throughout the stump removal process.

Our Process

Consultation: Every project begins with a thorough assessment of your needs. Our experts will visit your property to evaluate the stump(s) and discuss your garden goals.

Quotation: You’ll receive a transparent, no-obligation, free quote tailored to your requirements.

Execution: Upon agreement, our skilled technicians will carry out the stump grinding at a time that suits you, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life.

Cleanup: After removing the stump, we’ll clean up the area, leaving your garden tidy and stump-free.

Aftercare Advice: Our service doesn’t end with stump removal. We offer expert advice on how to care for your garden post-stump grinding, ensuring lasting beauty and health.

Ready to Reclaim Your Garden?

Don’t let tree stumps take over your beautiful Irish garden. Contact Grasshopper Services today to schedule your stump grinding service. With our expertise, equipment, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we’re here to help you achieve the garden of your dreams.

Call us now on 01 867 3023 or fill out our online form to get started. Your garden transformation is just a stump away!

chris padgettchris padgett
21:21 11 Oct 23
Would highly recommend Grasshopper. They were out with us today trimming hedges and filling in a gap where a part of an old hedge had died. They did a super job and the hedge looks great again. They were out with us twice previously pruning a pear tree. We have always found them to be extremely reliable, always come when they say. Also they really know their stuff about plants and trees, have very pleasant staff and the prices are reasonable. Will definitely use again!
Anne MeagherAnne Meagher
20:59 29 Sep 23
Grasshopper deliver a very reliable, consistent and competitively priced service to our development of over 100 houses with landscaped communal grounds. Weekly maintenance of front gardens and common areas is delivered by a friendly team. Always responsive to requests. We have also used Grasshoppers tree surgery services and found that to be very professional and efficient.
majella torsneymajella torsney
19:21 24 Sep 23
Excellent service. Stephen and the lads are sound and their work is always great. Have no issues in recommending them.
Margot ThereseMargot Therese
13:29 21 Sep 23
Damian transformed my garden in a morning form a bit of a mess into a much more manageable space. I'm delighted with future potential of the garden and look forward to working with Grasshopper services again. Worth mentioning impressive horticultural knowledge and a considered approach to pruning/removing plants. Thank you!
James GildeaJames Gildea
12:16 20 Sep 23
We live part of the time in Dublin and needed someone to look after our raised flower beds when we are away. We hired Grasshopper Services and have been very pleased with their work. Damian is the landscape specialist who works on our property. We are ever amazed at his knowledge of plants and their needs. He does an amazing job trimming and pruning and preparing the gardens for the winter. He also does an excellent job keeping the weeds at bay. We have a walled garden with no back entrance so Damian has to carry the waste through our Victorian rowhouse. He is very conscientious and careful when traversing our home. He is always on time. I would wholeheartedly recommend Grasshopper Services and especially Damian to look after a garden.
Anne BilyardAnne Bilyard
10:29 14 Sep 23
So pleased with the work carried out in my overgrown garden by Grasshopper Garden Services. Trees and shrubs were cut back with both care an aesthetic awareness to leave a beautiful and manageable area. The team were very professional and a pleasure to deal with, from the initial enquiry right through to the hard work carried out by Noel and Jason on the day.


What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding is a method for removing tree stumps after they have been cut down or fallen. It involves using a high-powered machine to grind the stump into small wood chips, effectively removing the stump without the need for excavation. This process is efficient, environmentally friendly, and minimally disruptive to your garden.

How long does stump grinding take?

The duration of stump grinding depends on the size and depth of the stump, as well as the type of tree. Most residential stump grinding jobs can be completed in a few hours. Our team will provide an estimated time frame after assessing your specific situation.

Is stump grinding messy?

While stump grinding does produce wood chips and sawdust, Grasshopper Services ensures a thorough cleanup after the process is complete. We aim to leave your property as clean—or cleaner—than we found it, with the option to use the resulting wood chips as mulch for your garden.

Can I plant a new tree where the stump was removed?

Yes, you can plant a new tree in the same spot, but it’s advisable to wait until the area has settled and the wood chips have decomposed, which can take a few months. It’s also important to ensure that all significant roots are ground out to make space for the new tree’s root system. Our team can provide guidance on the best practices for replanting.

How much does stump grinding cost in Ireland?

The cost of stump grinding in Ireland varies depending on the stump’s size, location on your property, and any additional services required. Grasshopper Services offers competitive pricing and will provide a detailed, no-obligation quote after a site visit.

Is stump grinding better than stump removal?

Stump grinding and stump removal are two different approaches to tree stump removal. Stump grinding is less invasive and more cost-effective, as it doesn’t involve digging out the stump and roots. 

It’s ideal for most residential and commercial properties. Stump removal might be necessary in cases where the entire root system needs to be removed, such as for construction projects.

Do I need to be home for the stump grinding service?

You don’t need to be home as long as our team can access the stump and the property. We’ll handle everything and ensure that the area is secure upon completion.

Are you insured and licensed for stump grinding services in Ireland?

Yes, Grasshopper Services is fully insured and licensed to provide stump grinding and other garden maintenance services throughout Ireland. Our team is also trained in the latest safety protocols to ensure a safe and efficient service.

How can I schedule a stump grinding service with Grasshopper Services?

You can schedule a service by calling us directly on 01 867 3023 or filling out the contact form on our website. One of our representatives will contact you to discuss your needs and arrange a convenient time for a site visit.

How should I prepare my garden for stump grinding at home or at my business?

We recommend clearing the area around the stump of any decorative items, rocks, or debris to allow easy access to our equipment. Please also ensure pets are kept indoors and mark any underground utilities near the stump if possible. Our team will handle the rest.

For any further questions or to schedule your stump grinding service, contact Grasshopper Services today. We’re here to help you reclaim your garden and enjoy your outdoor space.

We aim to give complete customer satisfaction and will always offer the most cost effective and conservation friendly advice.

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