Grasshopper Services can reduce the risk during winter months

Snow and ice can cause massive disruption and with the potential financial loss and injuries, it is essential that it is managed and controlled. Grasshopper Services can reduce the risk with its gritting/salting services.

We offer a broad Winter Maintenance Package to our customers including Gritting and Salt Spreading.

Along with normal rock salt, we also use liquid brine solution which helps to speed up the salt action, leaving a lasting result and offering an environmental less stressful impact, protecting staff and nature.

We tailor a winter Maintenance program for each site individually and utilize our fleet of 4×4’s, Gritters, Tractors, Snow Ploughs – all ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice. We keep track of expenses and the environment but most of all we ensure that we deliver the performance we agreed upon.

Our proactive service ensures that your site has a winter maintenance plan, which is necessary to ensure your business stays safe and open through the winter. Service is triggered based on the weather forecast for road conditions.

We apply salt before frost, ice, or snowfall forms. This activates the salt to prevent bonding with the road surface. We work off Met Eireann and Realweather UK reports that are sent to us each morning during our period of cover on your area.

Each of our gritters are fitted with GPS trackers which provide a report each night of what area was spread, how much salt was put out, what time it was done.

Rates for call outs which includes salt/grit, labour and machinery for a single call out per night. Should repeat application be required due to refreeze or poor weather conditions an additional cost applies.

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