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We believe that any space can be converted into a much healthier living and working environment.

At Grasshopper Services, we aim to reconnect people with nature and to improve work environments by bringing interiors to life.

We spend most of our life indoors, so why not surround ourselves with plants and healthy air.

Office Plants

Office plants are essential for businesses looking to achieve the optimal atmosphere.

It is possible to add a little more colour and life to the office without requiring significant financial resources through the use of office plants.

Plants bring several benefits to the corporate world. They are indispensable for those concerned with well-being and health, as they improve air quality, stimulate creativity and, in the end, make people work happier.

Having plants in the office contributes to a healthy and inspiring environment, especially in today´s corporate world, where people spend most of their day in the office.

Adding a green touch to the office is a way to make it more pleasant and inviting.

Did you know that promoting a culture of well-being in organizations increases the productivity of its employees by up to 20%?
And did you know that natural plants are a powerful tool to enhance the well-being of employees?

We give you some reasons:

The presence of plants in workspaces helps:

  • To reduce the stress and illness complaints of people working in the office.
  • To increase the productivity and creativity of the people who work in the office.
  • To improve air quality, the acoustics of spaces and to reduce noise levels.

Grasshopper Services offer a variety of interior landscaping methods and services that will enhance your workspace.

From receptions beautifully decorated with office plants to exuberant atrium planting displays, Grasshopper Services will give a positive, welcoming environment that offers a long-lasting impression.

Services suitable for the following sectors

Public Sector



Historic Properties

Office & Industrial

Private & Social Housing

School & Education


Sports, Leisure & Hospitality

Emergency Services

…and other industries

With beautiful greenery, Grasshopper Services will brighten all those dark office corners, bringing a splash of colour and life to otherwise empty walls and providing a new sight.

We can design, install and service a vast range of indoor plants and provide a full interior plant service to businesses of all types and sizes.

Our ethos is reliability, compliance, environmental awareness and safety, tailored to your contract management.

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