Single Rose – Enjoy the simplicity of life!

A new year begins and with it the expectation of a fresh start with new possibilities and objectives.

New Year is time to renew hope, to leave behind what has already lagged behind – to fill ourselves with beautiful and consistent motivations and contemplate with boldness and hope the dense and profound victories that this new year has prepared for us.

Valuing the small details is another step to happiness. The world is full of extraordinary things that we sometimes cannot see at first sight. Learning to appreciate them will change our lives.

If you can enjoy the miracle of a single rose blooming in the middle of the darkness of Winter, your whole life will change. It reminds us of new beginnings, the first sight of colour that is so good for the soul.

True happiness is in the balance between body, mind, and spirit.

But who can keep this balance on a daily basis? Our rushed routine engulfs us, leaves us with no time for anything, no time for ourselves and we end up neglecting our health and well-being. However, the basis of our life is in the balance between body, mind, and spirit and if this tripod is not very firm, everything might begin to crumble.

We might think that happiness comes tied to success and money, dreaming of significant accomplishments and making plans full of details for the future. That’s great! To dream, to plan and to act is what drives us forward. I agree that success brings satisfaction, money too. But that’s not all in life.

We are always so busy in our daily lives that we stop enjoying the simpler things in life, perhaps the most charming ones, from a small flower blooming to the singing of a beautiful bird on the branch of a tree.

The occupation of our day-to-day has deprived us of seeing the wonders that are all around us, unknowingly, that perhaps that moment of stress would have dissipated, if only we had looked at the garden outside, and admired that tiny butterfly flying from flower to flower.

Stop a little to enjoy the simpler things that the rush forbade you: a beautiful flower, the cool breeze and the first sun rays of the morning. Let yourself be contagious for the small joys.

Wishing everyone a prosperous, meaningful and peaceful 2019.

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