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Oxygen for Rent

There are healthier living spaces than the office; it is loud, and the humidity and oxygen levels are too low. Open-plan offices are also seething with viruses, bacteria and germ and office workers complain often of colds, headaches and dry skin particularly during the winter months.

"Interior Plants"The solution is simple: green up our office and place everywhere indoor plants! Plants in the office prevent so many things: colds, headaches, dry skin and improving the productivity of office workers.

A research team of a Norwegian and a Swedish university found, for example, that office workers with plants around them were more alert and less stressed. They suffered less from a cough, headaches or skin issues. They also showed that the more plants someone sees from its desk, the less likely he/she is to be ill. And in a Washington State University experiment, subjects in green spaces had a 12 percent faster response time and lower blood pressure than the contra control group.

No wonder; plants decompose carbon dioxide, produce oxygen and increase the humidity. Individual plants can also filter pollutants from the air while others exude a pleasant scent – such as a lemon scented Melissa Potty. That lifts anybody’s mood!

There is also a psychological effect: the green has a soothing and relaxing effect.

However, interior plants require regular care to survive in an often-hostile environment. Not sufficient light, air mixed with air condition and heating, lack of care (left over coffee discarded in the pot -which is not a good idea, by the way.) – who hasn’t seen the lonely desperate plant in the corner left to its own devises.

Actually, the sight of withering plants can have a negative effect on employees’ motivation.

The simple solution is: Plant Rental

Plant leasing is the solution to an already busy office environment. Staff neither have the time nor knowledge to care for indoor plants.

Grasshopper Interior"Selecting the right plant, suitable for your office depends on the space available. For low light, we recommend for example, Robust Sansiveria – also called bow hemp – and dragon trees. In bright rooms, however, Ficus trees are doing well.

Grasshopper Services offers plants for companies of all sizes rent, from the dental office to the airport. Grasshopper Interior provides indoor plants in beautiful pots combined with a regular maintenance service tailored to each customer: Every two weeks, an indoor plant expert comes and waters and feeds each plant. If one dies, it will be simply replaced.