At Grasshopper Services, our expert gardeners offer a wide range of garden maintenance and grass-cutting services designed to keep your lawn in pristine condition.

Our commitment to using organic gardening products ensures your garden remains healthy and environmentally friendly.

We are a fully-insured, established garden and outdoor maintenance company in Dublin since 1996. Our gardeners are happy to advise on your needs and work until you are satisfied with the end result.

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Regular Grass Cutting in Phibsborough

Keep your lawn neat and tidy all year round with our regular mowing services. We use advanced mowing equipment that delivers a precise cut every time. Whether it’s a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule, we tailor our services to suit your needs and ensure your grass stays at the perfect length.

Grass-cuttingSeasonal Lawn Care

From spring feeding to autumn clean-ups, Grasshopper’s gardeners offer comprehensive seasonal care to keep your lawn healthy. Our seasonal services include:

  • Spring Fertilisation: We provide a nutrient-rich boost to kickstart your lawn’s growth.
  • Summer Maintenance: Regular mowing and edging to keep your garden looking its best during the peak growing season.
  • Autumn Clean-Up: Leaf removal and soil aeration to prepare your lawn for the winter months.
  • Winter Protection: Protecting your lawn from frost and cold weather damage.

Edging and Trimming

Sharp, clean edges make all the difference. We ensure your borders and edges are perfectly trimmed to give your lawn a polished look. Our precise edging services enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden, creating a well-defined and tidy appearance.

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Weed Control

Say goodbye to unsightly weeds. Our treatments ensure your lawn stays weed-free and healthy. We use only organic weed killers and eco-friendly practices to control unwanted growth without harming your lawn or the environment.

Our organic solutions are safe for pets, children, and wildlife, providing peace of mind while maintaining a beautiful garden.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration helps to improve soil health and encourages deeper root growth. Our aeration services allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the soil more effectively, promoting a lush and resilient lawn. Regular aeration helps to reduce soil compaction and enhances the overall health of your grass.

lawn care servicesLawn Repair and Renovation

Is your lawn looking tired or patchy? Our lawn repair and renovation services can restore it to its former glory. We offer reseeding, overseeding, and sod installation to rejuvenate your lawn.

Our expert team assesses the condition of your grass and provides tailored solutions to ensure optimal growth and a vibrant green lawn.

Organic Fertilisation

We believe in nurturing your lawn with the best nature has to offer. Our organic fertilisation services use natural products that promote healthy growth without the use of harsh chemicals.

These environmentally friendly treatments enrich the soil and provide essential nutrients to your grass, ensuring it stays strong and vibrant.

How It Works

  1. Consultation: We start with a free consultation to understand your garden’s needs.
  2. Tailored Plan: Based on your requirements, we create a personalised lawn care plan.
  3. Professional Service: Our gardeners arrive on time, providing a professional and efficient service.
  4. Ongoing Support: We offer ongoing maintenance plans to keep your lawn in top condition.

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