Contemplating the drawings that my daughters Amelia and Grace drew representing the four seasons of the year led me to reflect on nature, its charms, and mysteries.

Here in Europe, summer is ending, and in all parts of the world, nature is revealing itself in the four seasons while silently teaching us how to deal with the art of living.

We learn that autumn is the season of high winds and falling leaves. It is life that renews itself.

Winter is the season of heavy rain, cold and low light. It is life that shrinks, silences.

In spring, colours adorn the nature of rare beauty. It is hope that dawns.

And in summer, the sunshine and the power of light exalt creation. It is life in fullness.

Green Spaces require maintenance to stay green, healthy, and pleasant. This maintenance should be performed periodically, taking into consideration the season, the typology, its size, and specificities.

From Grounds Maintenance, Tree Surgery, Design & Landscape Construction to Office Plants, Grasshopper Services proud itself of delivering an outstanding service to all our customers every season of the year.

Our highly qualified and experienced professionals will ensure that your space stays beautiful all year round.

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