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Avoiding tree damage – do you need a tree surgeon?

Grasshopper Services offers top-quality professional, fast, and efficient tree surgery services that are convenient for you. Contact our team of qualified tree surgeons and we would be happy to help and advise on any tree related concern.

Sometimes Autumns can be harsh with their constant rain and strong winds causing dry leaves to fall, that can cover pathways and block gutters.

Still, leaves are not as dangerous as dry branches and dead wood. Certain conditions during summer and winter can negatively affect trees. For instance, wild storms during the summer usually weaken the branches and tree roots. However, during the winter, the weight of snow and ice can produce also produce damage, resulting in falling of branches and even of entire trees.

When branches start falling, they can easily crash through windows and damage your rooftop. On the other hand, when the whole tree goes down, it can destroy sheds, and even turn walls into pieces. But nothing of that compares to the serious injuries they can inflict on people.

Overhanging trees that are located on roadsides and on the edges of properties can also wreak serious havoc. Broken branches can be swept up by the wind and thus damage vehicles, homes and businesses.

For a property owner, a well-rooted and healthy tree is an asset, but a top-heavy, diseased or dead one is a liability.

Unfortunately, many home owners and even business owners are still not familiar with their legal position when it comes to the damage caused by falling trees. In Ireland, such occurrences are very common which lead to a high number of compensation claims being filed.

Basically, you are responsible for the trees that are located on your property and for any possible loss or damage caused by those trees.

In most circumstances, the legislation regarding these types of cases is quite straightforward. For example, if you as an owner knew that your tree was damaged, rotting or dead before the damage was caused, you will be the one held responsible. Measures should always be taken in a timely manner, and all trees that pose a threat to their surroundings should be either removed or secured.

All of the aforementioned can cause serious troubles for a homeowner.

That is why everyone who has trees located on their properties should always take preventive steps in order to identify dangerous tree conditions and minimise or completely avoid potential damage caused by them.

When winter approaches, you should always take some time to prepare your home, your garden and also the trees that are in it. The late Autumn and early Winter months are perfect for that simply because there will be no leaves to cover up the trees allowing you to see potential hazards like dry branches for example.

Another great reason for doing this is that the sap will not bleed from the tree if any surgery needs to be conducted during the winter. That means that your tree will grow normally when Spring arrives.

In your autumnal tree check-up, the first and most important thing to do is a simple visual inspection. Look for branches that are dry, hanging loose or that are located too far away from the main body. Even if the damage doesn’t look serious, once the strong winds arrive, it can turn into a disaster and ruin your tree completely. Therefore, if you remove such damaged branches, it will be healthy once again. Above all, you will ensure the safety of your home and everyone near it.

It is advisable to do the same for all the trees that border and can potentially affect your property if they fall. Your neighbours will probably appreciate letting them know your concerns and you can even offer to share the cost of the tree surgery, to get it done faster.

On the other hand, if the trees are located on public property near your home, don’t hesitate to contact the local authorities, so they can take the necessary measures to keep everything safe and secure.

Tree surgeons are the most qualified professionals to consult if you think a tree on your property poses any danger.

If there is any serious damage that can’t be dealt with through regular maintenance, you should always contact a well-trained, professional tree surgery company like Grasshopper Services. Climbing trees is something that you should never do yourself. Also, we use specialised tools that can be very dangerous to someone who hasn’t used them before.

Our company is highly experienced in dealing with even the most dangerous tree surgeries. We offer full-service facilities maintenance support across the entire country. Moreover, aside from tree surgery, our company also specialises in both exterior and interior maintenance, including interior planting and ground maintenance.

If you’re looking for high-quality service, affordable prices, and reliability, you should contact us.

Do you need to get rid of a certain tree disease or fungus? Do you have a tree that’s too big or you just can’t manage the tree population on your grounds? Don’t worry. A professional tree surgery is always the answer. Aside from practical service, we also offer consultancy that is based on our 25 years of experience. Thus, if you have an emergency, or you just need some advice or regular maintenance, our tree surgeons are always here to help.