Latest Contracts Awarded


Duggan Brothers
In conjunction with Duggan Brothers, Grasshopper Landscape Maintenance developed and planted the grounds at the mixed residential unit at Liberty House. ... read more

The Grange, Stillorgan, Co Dublin
Situated in a prime South Dublin location, The Grange, is a landmark development within 8 km from Dublin city centre. Designed and built to the highest standard by JJ Rathigans, the property has been recognized as one of its best in Dublin. Grasshopper Landscaping Maintenance is delighted to be responsible for the landscaping. ... read more

Lidl Galway
Lidl Galway... read more

Landscaping Project Dublin Airport
In co-operation with one of Dublin’s leading landscape architect Grasshopper Landscape Maintenance is currently installing new landscaping at one of the DAA's high-profile buildings. The design includes big specimen shrubs, such as Arbutus Unedo, Ilex Aquifolium and multiple small shrubs. Stone mulch will be placed to all areas to give the area another prestine look. ... read more

100K Landscaping Project Awarded
The landscape planting of a new school in the midlands was awarded to Grasshopper Landscape Maintenance in September. The exciting new project involves the placing of new trees and shrubs, plus creating sporting fields and play area for the children.... read more

Cork Tree Ecological Tender Awarded
Grasshopper Landscape Maintenance has been appointed to maintain trees at an ecological site in Cork. The listed trees are to be pruned with dead wood to be removed to avoid any accidents in the future. This shows once more that Grasshopper Landscape Maintenance has the skill and experience to be trusted with problematic tree management issues.... read more

Student Campus
Student Campus... read more

Garden Service for Catholic Diocese
Garden Service for Catholic Diocese... read more

Ground Maintenance Contract Awarded at 7 Retail Stores
Ground Maintenance Contract Awarded at 7 Retail Stores Stores... read more

Awarded Dublin Docklands Maintenance Contract
Awarded Dublin Docklands Maintenance Contract... read more

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